Operations Manager - Japan Team



Tokyo, Japan
Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2024

The Opportunity

At Cambly, we're navigating through a period of significant transformation: Generative AI is finally beginning to unlock the promise of advanced education, and internet-native marketplaces have enabled access to education in ways we have only begun to explore. This is a pivotal moment to join our team, offering a unique experience that blends Silicon Valley's innovative spirit with Japan's deep cultural richness, and rapidly changing education landscape. This role presents an unparalleled opportunity to be part of our efforts through global change, growth, and leverage an entrepreneurial mindset to drive the business for one of our most strategically important regions.

The Position

We are on the lookout for an Operations Manager who harbors a deep passion for education, believes in the benefits of a global perspective (or worldview), and possesses the agility to navigate the complexities of the current market landscape. This position is ideal for someone who thrives in dynamic environments and is proficient in pivoting strategies to execute and maintain sustained engagement and adaptability.

You will work with the Japan General Manager and the dedicated Strategy & Operations team and obtain insights from the market, build the strategy, and get to the lowest level of detail to execute plans rapidly. You will partner directly with, and influence Product, Engineering, Analytics, Marketing, Finance, and Support leadership teams to marshall the essential investments for the Japan market. Your leadership will ensure that Cambly is the number-one choice for English learners in Japan.

In this role, you will have the chance to profoundly impact the lives of English learners in Japan as well as the global regions and in doing so transform the lives of people in every country.

You will be responsible for the following:

  • Strategic Planning: Help develop and refine Cambly’s business initiatives and product line through providing local insights through market research, competitive analysis, and internal assessments to identify opportunities to drive improvements to the learner experience.

  • Identify Growth Opportunities: Develop and execute strategies to identify and capitalize on growth opportunities within the market. This includes analyzing market trends, assessing competitive landscapes, and evaluating internal capabilities to drive sustainable business expansion and profitability.

  • Market Monitoring: Continuously monitor market trends, industry developments, and competitor activities. This involves gathering and analyzing data related to market demand, pricing trends, regulatory changes, and emerging technologies to stay ahead of market shifts and opportunities.

  • User Feedback Analysis: Utilize tools and strategies to collect, analyze, and interpret user feedback, reviews, and sentiments about our product or services. This includes monitoring social media platforms, customer surveys, and feedback channels to understand customer preferences, pain points, and satisfaction levels.

  • Local Insights: Develop deep insights into local markets by understanding cultural nuances, customer behaviors, and preferences specific to different regions or target demographics.

  • Experiment and business analysis: Analyze key performance metrics and patterns to inform and influence product and feature iterations.

  • Operational efficiency: Identify opportunities through observation of patterns and workflows to streamline processes, improve productivity, and remove bottlenecks. Work with cross-functional teams to improve operations and processes.

  • Cross-functional collaboration: Manage cross-functional projects with our B2B Sales, Marketing, Finance, Product teams to improve Learner and Tutor experience.

  • Progress versus goal reporting: Own business outcomes. Provide cross functional team members with daily reports on key KPIs during critical business periods to surface growth opportunities, or flag issues.


  • Bachelor's degree in Business, Marketing, Finance, or a related field

  • 7+ years experience in a related field to Cambly's business (EdTech, consumer internet, consumer marketplace, or app-based solution) or management consulting company

  • Track record of bridging the local market with a multinational company’s global headquarters

  • Strong business acumen and analytical skills in consumer behaviors and related marketing strategies and tactics

  • Ability to make sound business decisions based on multiple options/scenarios and ability to evaluate performance based on data

  • Entrepreneurial mentality, creative thinking, and an ability to set and execute a strategy autonomously with no playbook for success

  • A passion for learning and teaching and excitement about creating opportunities for English learners

  • Fluent in English and native in Japanese

About Cambly:

Cambly was founded in 2012 by Kevin Law and Sameer Shariff, two former Google engineers who decided to start a company to help people around the world to study English. Cambly has native teachers from countries like the United States, Canada and England online 24 hours a day for students to instantly connect to private classes via video chat. The service can be accessed through the computer, Android or iOS applications. Today, the service is used in more than 190 countries around the world. Cambly was first backed by the Silicon Valley Accelerator Y Combinator in 2014 and was selected as YC top company in January 2021.

Press Release: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrickcai/2022/06/08/cambly-series-b-english-language-app-profitable/

Founder Sameer's interview on Podcast: https://www.joincolossus.com/episodes/51567490/shariff-breaking-language-barriers?tab=blocks








戦略的計画: 日本の市場調査、競合分析、内部評価を通じてインサイトを提供し、Camblyのビジネスイニシアチブとプロダクトラインを開発・改良し、受講者の体験向上の機会を特定する。

成長機会の特定: 市場内の成長の機会を特定し、それを活用する戦略を開発、実行します。これには市場のトレンドの分析、競争環境の評価、ケイパビリティの評価が含まれ、持続可能なビジネスの拡大と収益性を推進します。

市場モニタリング: 市場トレンド、業界動向、競合他社の活動を継続的にモニタリングする。市場の需要、価格動向、規制の改定、新技術に関するデータを収集・分析し、市場の変化や機会を先取りすることが求められます。

ユーザーフィードバックの分析: ツールや戦略を活用して、ユーザーフィードバック、レビュー、製品やサービスに関する意見を収集・分析・理解する。ソーシャルメディアプラットフォーム、顧客調査、フィードバックチャネルを通じて顧客の好み、問題点、満足度を理解する。

ローカルインサイト: 文化的なニュアンス、顧客行動、特定地域やターゲット層の特徴を理解することで、ローカル市場について深い洞察を得る。

実験とビジネス分析: 主要なパフォーマンス指標とパターンを分析し、プロダクトおよび機能のイテレーションに影響を与える。

- 業務効率の向上: パターンやワークフローの観察を通じてプロセスの効率化、生産性の向上、ボトルネックの排除の機会を特定する。クロスファンクショナルなチームと協力して業務とプロセスを改善する。

- クロスファンクショナルな協力: B2Bセールス、マーケティング、財務、プロダクトチームと協力して、受講者および講師の体験を向上させるクロスファンクショナルなグローバルプロジェクトを管理する。

- 目標に対する進捗報告: ビジネス成果に責任を持ち、重要な期間中に主要なKPIに関する日次レポートをクロスファンクショナルなチームメンバーに提供、成長の機会を浮き彫りにする、または問題を指摘する。


- ビジネス、マーケティング、財務、または関連分野の学士号

- Camblyのビジネス(EdTech、B2Cインターネットサービス、B2Cサービスプラットフォーム、アプリベースのソリューション)またはコンサルティング会社で7年以上の経験

- ローカル市場と多国籍企業のグローバル本社を橋渡しする実績

- 消費者行動と関連するマーケティング戦略と戦術に関する強いビジネス感覚と分析スキル

- 複数のオプションやシナリオに基づいて健全なビジネス判断を下し、データに基づいてパフォーマンスを評価する能力

- 起業家的な精神、創造的な思考、自律的に戦略を設定し実行する能力

- 教育への情熱と、英語学習者に機会を提供することに対するやりがい

- 英語が流暢で、日本語がネイティブレベルであること



し、現在、世界190か国以上で利用されています。Camblyは、2014年にシリコンバレーのアクセラレーターY Combinatorに最初に支援され、2021年1月にはYCトップ企業として選ばれました。

プレスリリース: [Forbes記事](https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrickcai/2022/06/08/cambly-series-b-english-language-app-profitable/)

創設者サミールのポッドキャストインタビュー: [Colossusのエピソード](https://www.joincolossus.com/episodes/51567490/shariff-breaking-language-barriers?tab=blocks)